What is the content warning in red white and royal blue? (2023)

Is Red, White and Royal Blue inappropriate?

Though there are a handful of steamy sex scenes — meaning that this book is not YA, and is for a slightly more mature audience — the way their relationship develops is meaningful and based on personal connection.

Why were the Harry Potter references removed from Red, White and Royal Blue?

The 'Harry Potter' References From 'Red, White and Royal Blue' Have Been Removed In The Reprints. The novel's author Casey McQuiston is non-binary and has spoken out against Rowling's transphobia in the past. Want more Junkee in your life?

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What is the message in Red, White and Royal Blue?

At the heart of Red, White and Royal Blue is the question about privacy. Why some people's personal lives are so much in the media that everything they do is read as tactical. When Alex reveals about his relationship to his mom, he is automatically pulled off her campaign.

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Is there kissing in Red, White and Royal Blue?

Henry arrives early and they continue where they left off, with Henry making it clear that he is gay and that he hasn't been sure how Alex feels about him. They continue to kiss passionately, and then Alex, despite having never done it before, performs oral sex on Henry, with Henry then returning the favor.

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Can a 13 year old read Red, White and Royal Blue?

I recommend Red, White, & Royal Blue to anyone ages 15 and up, more specifically readers in high school or older. Anyone who is in this age range and enjoys a terrific, well-written enemies-to-lovers romance will absolutely love Red, White, & Royal Blue, and I can't praise it any higher.

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Is the Red Queen series appropriate for 12 year olds?

Definitely would recommend for a mature 10/11 year old, and it's a great start to get into read dystopian-type kind of novels! Although, as I said before, the book does progress in the romance and violence levels as it continues, so keep that in mind!

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Did JK Rowling specify Hermione's race?

Rowling also called Dumezweni the “best actress for the job.” She has previously said Hermione's race was never described in the books.

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What was controversial about Hermione's casting in Harry Potter and the cursed child?

The first controversy was the decision to cast the Olivier award-winning actor Noma Dumezweni, a black woman, as Hermione Granger, the character popularised on film by the white actor Emma Watson.

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Who is the bottom in red white and royal blue?

So responding you're question. The bottom was Henry. More questions about Red, White & Royal Blue…

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Is Red, White and Royal Blue enemies to lovers?

It's always hard to pick ONE favorite romance book trope but enemies to lovers may be it. I love how Red, White and Royal Blue starts off as this epic enemies to lovers tale that implodes in both Alex and Henry's faces when the tabloids get wind of their latest altercation.

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Is the Red Queen series appropriate for 13 year olds?

I give Red Queen Four Stars and recommend it to all readers over the age of sixteen.

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Can a 14 year old read the Midnight Library?

i think its a great book for any teen/adult, but i'd say its best for ages 15+ only because of the heavier topics!

What is the content warning in red white and royal blue? (2023)
What is the age rating for the Shatter Me series?

14 - 17 Years

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