What is the cheapest and safest place to live in Tennessee? [Solved] (2022)

What is the cheapest and safest place to live in Tennessee?

The 5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Tennessee
  • Murfreesboro.
  • Smyrna.
  • Johnson City.
  • Clarksville.
  • Chattanooga.
Jan 28, 2020
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What city in Tennessee has the lowest cost of living?

Alcoa is the cheapest place to live in Tennessee. The median home value is around $146,500 and monthly apartment rentals are around $700 per month. There are also many other affordable cities in Tennessee that attract many people to move to the state.... see more ›

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Is Tennessee an affordable place to live?

Yes, Tennessee is a very cheap state to live in! The average costs of living in Tennessee is relatively low. According to the 2021 Cost of Living Index, Tennessee ranks sixth place for lowest cost of living in the United States.... continue reading ›

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Where should I move in TN?

9 Best Places to Live in Tennessee
  • Nashville. You guessed it, “Music City” has made our list. ...
  • Brentwood. ...
  • Franklin. ...
  • Germantown. ...
  • Collierville. ...
  • Nolensville. ...
  • Murfreesboro. ...
  • Oak Ridge.

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Where should I not live in Tennessee?

The 10 Worst Places to Live in Tennessee
  • Memphis. Memphis makes it into the ten worst places to live in Tennessee as its high crime rates mean it is the most dangerous place to live in the state, says Only in Your State. ...
  • Rockwood. ...
  • Covington. ...
  • Dunlap. ...
  • Sweetwater. ...
  • Morristown. ...
  • Savannah. ...
  • Millington.

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Where is the safest place to live in Tennessee?

88% Below National Crime Rate

Church Hill comes in first as the safest city in Tennessee, according to the FBI database. Located about 80 miles northeast of Knoxville, Church Hill offers beautiful small-town living while still being convenient to urban areas.... read more ›

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Is it cheaper to live in NC or TN?

Tennessee is 3.1% cheaper than North Carolina.... read more ›

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Is it cheaper to live in Georgia or Tennessee?

Tennessee is 5.7% cheaper than Georgia.... see details ›

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What is the nicest part of Tennessee?

Best Places to Visit in Tennessee
  • Gatlinburg.
  • Memphis.
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • Knoxville.
  • Chattanooga.
  • Pigeon Forge.
  • Nashville.
  • Bristol.

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What are the dangers of living in Tennessee?

If you're wondering “is Tennessee a good place to live?” read on.
Here Are The 9 Biggest Risks Living In The State of Tennessee
  • Rapid weather changes. ...
  • Humidity. ...
  • Tornados. ...
  • Stars in your eyes. ...
  • Rabid football fans. ...
  • Too much of a good thing. ...
  • Flooding. ...
  • Snakes!
May 30, 2022

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What is the safest city in Tennessee?

The study lists Brentwood as the safest city in Tennessee and also ranks the city as the 42nd safest city in the United States. According to the study, the city's population is 43,454 and the cost of crime in the area is $101 per capita. Brentwood was the only city in the state to land a spot in the study's top 100.... read more ›

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Is it worth moving to Tennessee?

Over the last 20 years, Tennessee has enjoyed an impressive rate of population growth. Low tax rates, living costs, and high quality of life have kept people on the move to Tennessee. It's not a perfect place, but for the price, Tennessee is about as good as one can get.... read more ›

What is the cheapest and safest place to live in Tennessee? [Solved] (2022)

Where is most of the crime in Tennessee?

The FBI reported 12,674 violent crimes in the year 2018, which makes it significantly the most violent city in Tennessee. Nashville is the second most dangerous city in the state, with 7,641 violent crimes reported in the year 2018.... see more ›

How much does 1 acre cost in Tennessee?

Statewide, an average acre of Tennessee land is worth $14,400, but it's all about location. The average sales amount for a 251,911 square foot lot in one of Unicoi County's prime locations is $59,408, according to FindAnyAnswer.com. Tennessee's $14,400 per acre average cost compares to $12,100 in the lower 48 states.... see more ›

What city in Tennessee has no tornadoes?

If you fear tornadoes, Morristown is the perfect hideaway. Morristown spans about 21 square miles of Hamblen County slightly northeast of Knoxville and has the lowest tornado score on our list. The city is home to more than 29,100 people, including more than 11,400 homes and more than 7,200 families.... see more ›

What part of Tennessee gets the most tornadoes?

The most catastrophic day in Tennessee because of tornados was in April 1974 when more than twenty tornados touched the ground leaving many injured or dead. An estimated 40% of tornados take place in the Metro Nashville Economic Area that encompasses ten counties.... see more ›

What state has the lowest crime rate?

Maine gets the best score of all states for violent crime per capita, which is the most important factor in our rankings and counts twice as much as each of the other three. There were only 1,466 violent crimes reported in Maine in 2020, or 108.6 for every 100,000 people.... read more ›

What is the cheapest state to live in?

Mississippi. Mississippi is the cheapest state to live in in the United States. Overall, costs in the state are 17% lower than the national average.... continue reading ›

Should I move to Tennessee or Georgia?

Tennessee and Georgia can be perfect spots for retirement. For example, Georgia has the benefit of a coastline, warmer weather, many Active Adult Communities, and a lower crime rate. In contrast, Tennessee has a lower cost of living, friendly locals, and a vibrant music scene.... see more ›

Is it cheaper to live in Tennessee or Florida?

If the average cost of living in the United States is 100, Florida has an overall score of 97.9. This is considerably more than Tennessee, which has an overall cost of living score of 88.7. When comparing the numbers, this means Florida is nearly 10% more expensive to live in than Tennessee.... read more ›

Which state is better for retirement Georgia or Tennessee?

Top states for retirees

As a result, Tennessee ranked as the third best state in the country overall to retire in, according to Bankrate's analysis of a dozen key metrics rated important by seniors. The study found the best state overall for retirement is Georgia.... view details ›

What is the cost of living in Tennessee?

Average Cost of Living in Tennessee: $37,499 per year

If you're planning to move to Tennessee, your monthly budget might get a nice break. Why? Tennessee is among the most affordable 10 states, at No.... continue reading ›

What it's like to live in Tennessee?

You can head to a vibrant city like Memphis or Nashville, or opt for a quiet life in the Appalachian Mountains. Tennessee offers a rich culture, natural beauty and a low cost of living.... continue reading ›

What part of Tennessee has the best weather?

Lake County gets our number one spot with 216 sunny days, as opposed to the 207 state average, making it the best place to live in Tennessee for weather.... read more ›

Why is Tennessee so cheap?

This is mostly due to the majority of the state being in rural areas and the lack of a state income tax. While cities such as Nashville have high housing costs, this is balanced by below average costs of transportation, healthcare and child care.... see more ›

Is Tennessee good for retirees?

According to their data, Tennessee is the 23rd worst place to retire. The state received a score of 80, getting positive reviews for being tax-friendly for retirees and a low cost of living. However, the state received low marks for its high assault rate per capita and for a less than ideal climate for retirees.... see more ›

Is it cheaper to live in NC or TN?

Tennessee is 3.1% cheaper than North Carolina.... see more ›

Is it cheaper to live in Alabama or Tennessee?

Tennessee Has an Even Lower Cost of Living Than Alabama

The cost of living in Tennessee is around nine to ten percent lower than the national average. When compared to Alabama, “The Volunteer State” has a cost of living around one to two percent lower.... see details ›

Is it cheaper to live in Georgia or Tennessee?

Tennessee is 5.7% cheaper than Georgia.... read more ›

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